Deep Tissue Therapy Massage with Hot Stones

This massage is designed to address muscle aches, pains, stress and post injury recovery. This is the ideal massage to work through shoulder, neck or back pain. It is a massage that can be adapted to any specific situation. Each massage takes into account the individual needs, their tolerance for pressure and what techniques are best suited for them. For the client with no specific injury or pain, but who like medium to deep touch, Hot Stone Massage I is a deeply relaxing and de-stressing massage.

This is a therapeutic massage combining hot stones with deep tissue massage. Techniques designed to restore muscle tone and flexibility like neuro-muscular and myofascial release are used along with Triggerpoint therapy and specific stretches to restore freedom of movement. Specific essential oils are used to enhance the massage goals. (Aromatherapy optional)

Relaxation Massage with Hot Stones

This massage experience creates total relaxation and leaves you stress free. The combination of hot stones and gentle stretches complement the mix of massage techniques. Carefully selected essential oils enhance the massage experience.

All massage is therapeutic. A relaxing massage as an antidote for stress is no exception. This massage blends Swedish to improve circulation and relax the body; acupressure to improve energy flow and release tension in the muscles; and myofascial release to unwind any bound up muscles. This massage quiets the central nervous system and promotes well being.

Ocean Renewal & Detox Massage

This unique massage experience combines the benefits of Aromatherapy to detoxify the muscles and organs of the body working synergistically with the coral hand held stones. You will love the sensation of this exfoliating massage which will leave you relaxed and revitalized. Additional essential oils target cell renewal and regeration while you reap the benefit of a seaweed fascial mask.

This massage will leave you tingling. The massage stroking actions with hand held coral stones stimulates the circulation to help the body flush out toxins. Its rhythmic strokes both relax and refresh the body + mind leaving the skin smooth and muscles relaxed. Essential oils target the skin, lungs, liver and muscles to detoxify and enourage cell renewal. The seaweed and sea mineral facial mask pulls out impurities while nourishing the deep layers of the skin.

Sound & Crystal Healing Massage

This massage is guaranteed to release all heaviness from the physical, emotional and mental body. The healing properites of sound clears the energy. The crystals heal the body/mind as it expands consciousness. Accupressure, Reiki and Reflexology massage enhance immune and organ function, completing this unique healing massage.

Energy techniques of Reiki, Shamanic healing and Crystal Chakra healing are expertly woven together with a targeted rhythmic acupressure treatment.

From the top of the head to the tip of the feet you will experience total energetic and muscular unwinding. Don't be surprised by shifts in sensation and seeing colors. You will walk away lighter, clearer and energized. If during pre-session dialoguing it is determined that there is a particular concern, the crystal work can be specifically adapted to address those needs.

Reflexology Hand, Ear and Foot Massage

The Reflexology massage concentrates on three workouts for the body and mind. The first is the Rejuvination workout; the second is the Super Health workout and finally the Tone-up workout (from the book by Stephanie Rick). A rejuvination face mask and selected essential oils are used to compliment the reflexology treatment.

The rejuvination portion of the reflexology massage stimulates the Pituitary gland, the parathyroid gland, the thyroid gland, the adrenals, the ovaries and testes. These are the primary hormone producing organs of the body and it is essential to overall health that they are performing well. The Super Health workout addresses all of the systems of the body. It is like an exercise program to stimulate and strengthen the various systems. It also allows the therapist to trouble shoot any areas that need special attention. Finally the "Tone-up" focuses on the skeletal system, the muscular system, the nervous system and the joints of the body. The session encorporates crystal wands as reflex massage tools.