Massage Techniques


Basic massage that uses the five standard strokes good for circulation and muscle tone, such as petrisage, effleurage, friction and tapotement. It can stand on its own or is a good foundation for a blending of various massage techniques.


Originated with Hawaiian Kahuna medicine men, which accounts for its spiritual dimension. It is a deep-tissue technique using forearms and a particular rhythm. It is characterized by long deep strokes that connect parts of the body. The thumb roll pattern in a one, two, and three rhythm is called Lomi-Lomi hence the name.


Allows full function of muscle and nerves to be reestablished. The benefits include increased nerve and blood circulation and improvement in the texture of muscle tissue making it more flexible. Also NMT removes toxins such as lactic acid. The objectives of using NMT include postural reintegration, release of tension, pain relief, and the improvement of joint mobility and sedation.

Hot Stone Massage:

Heated stones are used to heat the underlying tissues and muscles of the body to facilitate release of tension in the muscles and bring blood to the area. These stones are also used as massage tools to work the soft tissue and assist in the release of adhesions.

Myofascial Release:

This is multi directional tissue which wraps around all layers of muscle. It supports muscle tissue, is adaptable, supple filled with nerve endings, allows for interchange of fluids and nutrients and a part of all bodily movements. It can be affected by stress, becoming rigid, dehydrated or fibrotic.


Uses essential oils distilled from various plants and flowers, which have therapeutic, psychological, and even spiritual properties. When used with a carrier oil, essential oils can target sore muscles, uplift and energize, or calm and relax the spirit.

*All massages are enhanced by aromatherapy. In many cases, oil blends are specific to a clients needs. For a small additional fee, a custom blend is prepared for home use to enhance and continue the work done in the studio or to target additional uses.

**Vibrational essential oil synergies are often used in the spiritual healing sessions, as plant spirit medicine enhances Chakra work.