Crystal Healing Training Program

A 28 Hour Crystal Healer Practitioner Certificate Program

Session 1 is to be announced in the Spring

Session 2 is to be announced in the Spring


The certificate program includes a 39 page manual, 25 working stones/crystals and a practitioners certificate. You will learn everything you need to know about how to work with crystals as well as participate in processes designed to open your unique intuitive and extra-sensory perceptions to better read the energy of the individual stones and your potential clients. You will partner up and do actual hands on crytal healing following a protocol that prepares you for taking this to the next level as a crystal healer.

This program is recommended for anyone who wants to learn about crystals and has an interest in healing work and for anyone who already has a healing practice and would like to add this modality to your work. Massage, Reiki, Hypnosis, reflexology are some of the modalities that would lend themselves to this work as well as nursing and counseling work.

Course fee is $550.00 to be paid in full at the beginning of level 1 classes. Registration is $50.00. the registration fee will be deducted from the total course tuition. I accept major credit cards and checks. Class will be limited to 8 students. Please inquire for individual private training rates.

Apprenticeship Programs

From the earliest known recordings of shamanic tradition, knowledge from Shamans has been passed down through the apprenticeship process to one or more apprentices to carry on the tradition of healing and mystical practices. The apprentice works one on one, observing healing ceremonies, participating as an assistant, learning techniques for engaging spirit, working with the luminous body and interacting with the natural world.

The apprenticeship program takes the apprentice through a personal transformation as they engage in the shamanic tradition of the Peruvian Andes, the jungle shamans and the coastal shamans of Peru. The Initiations, which mark turning points in the training, are gifts of power, energetic boosts, which have been passed down through the lineage of the Quero Shaman’s of the Peruvian Andes.

The apprenticeship program covers 80 hours working one on one with Catherine over the period of 2 years, with periods whereby the apprentice works on their own, embodying and integrating the teaching they have received. This is also a time where the apprentice actualizes the teaching by engaging in ceremony and process. This time working alone, is an integral part of the teaching. It is not enough to learn a thing, to be a shaman, you must live it. This work requires a serious commitment to complete the apprenticeship, working with Catherine and working independently.

Are you ready to experience personal shifts, to be in your “Jaguar body”, to open your perception and to shed old patterns?

Are you ready to make way for your luminous self?

Then take a quantum leap forward and take advantage of this opportunity.


Individual Wellness Lifestyle Session

Hypnosis, Energy Work, Fitness Work Up, Healthy Eating and more!
6 weeks, 1.5 hours, one on one with Catherine. check back for more info.

coming soon!